Vietnam SOG '69: Background



In 1964 the United States formed the top secret Studies and Observations group (SOG), to coordinate clandestine activity both within and outside of Vietnam.  The volunteer unit was used in a variety of roles including psychological warfare and infiltration.  SOG teams tried to avoid contact but were very well trained in combat, it is estimated that for every SOG soldier killed there were 150 enemy casualties.



By 1967 the flow of supplies through Cambodia reaching communist forces in South Vietnam had been recognized as a major problem facing the United States' effort to protect the democratic South Vietnamese.  To this end the U.S. authorized the top secret Studies and Observation Group (SOG   ) to carry out clandestine surveillance missions to find the elusive Ho Chi Minh Trail complex and  COSVN, the supposed communist command headquarters in the south.    These missions became known as as Daniel Boone missions and these efforts culminated in the secret bombing of Cambodia in 1969.  This strike had to be assessed for it's effectiveness in destroying COSVN.   To this end a SOG "Hatchet Force" was prepared and inserted in the area.  The result was a disaster.  The team was dropped inside an area of communist prepared defense and suffered heavy losses before eventually being extracted.  It is clear COSVN still exists and that the North Vietnamese presence in Cambodia is strong.


In Vietnam SOG   '69 you are the leader of a civilian team of mercenaries funded by SOG to find COSVN and make the eventual journey into Cambodia to  destroy it.  Your mission will start in Tay Ninh near the Cambodian border.  You will find yourself fighting in the jungles of the Iron Triangle, the streets of An Loc, and the tunnels of COSVN itself.

Features four new mercenaries and several new NPC's.  With 40 plus weapons and equipment from the Vietnam Era this isn't high tech warfare but it's just as deadly.