Vietnam SOG '69: Weapons & Equipment


Heat exhaustion could be a lethal problem, with each soldier carrying 50lb-70lb's of equipment in temperatures of 40 degrees centigrade with humidity of 80-90 percent.  Not to mention the standard issue weapons which frequently jammed under harsh jungle conditions.  

"Always remember your weapon was constructed by a firm who was awarded the government contract by providing the lowest bid."


Weapons and Equipment:

The CIA Deer Gun - small and easily concealed what this gun lacks in power it makes up for with it's surprise factor.

Makarov  PM  - made in Russia, this rugged and simple weapon can be relied upon to operate under the most severe conditions. 

Mas 49  - A relic of the French this weapon could be found being recycled by VC guerrilla forces.

Sterling SMG - before the MP5 there was the Sterling.  A competent little SMG  from Britain, and if all else fails use the weapons side protruding magazine to take out an eye or two.

Chatellerault LMG  - the French standard LMG from the 30's to the 50's this is another weapon that was known to be used by VC guerrillas. 

PRC-77 - use this 40  pound plus pile of metal to designate an RTO  .  It's also handy for calling in the big guns should you find yourself in that type of situation.

NVA Pith Helmet - these helmets may fetch a nice penny from some REMF who wants to impress his family back home, but those looking for serious head protection should look elsewhere.

Boonie Hat  -  This boonie hat can provide protection from sun while keeping the head area cool, but note that it's lead protecting abilities are far less adequate.